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Hi Hi!

My name is Natalia A. Caliri and I am very excited that you are here getting to know me a little better ♡

In 2019, I created  Gede Studio, a brand of Artisan Porcelain born from passion, the love of setting free the imagination and existential crises.


I graduated as an industrial engineer 8 years ago. I worked several times in Argentina and then in Spain for a couple more years, until I decided to close that stage.  

It was a difficult decision, change is.


It was in those last years of working as an engineer that Gede began to take shape. I made sketches of pieces, tested colors and finishes. Metallic enamels and lusters drive me crazy. I am a woman of science, but I can only describe what goes on in a potter's kiln as something


Before quitting my job and with a guaranteed salary, I went to a workshop in Castelldefels for 3 months to learn the ABC of ceramics, then I continued my self-taught training with Youtube and books.

That's how I left my job to continue learning and defining my style, in my mini workshop set up at home, built by my boyfriend Juan in our guest room.

Juan was a pillar throughout this trip  ♡ Not only has he built many (many) pieces of furniture and spent time maintaining the workshop, but he has supported me from the beginning. I always feel grateful for my adventure partner ♡

From the beginning until now, well, a lot has happened. We have moved workshops 3 times, each one bigger than the last. We have launched several collections and we even dare to make pieces for stores.  

  For our craft work we not only put the physical body, it also involves the soul and the heart, that's why each creation seeks to convey dedication, affection and recount our journey.

Thank you for trusting me, Juan and Gede Studio!

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Natalia A. Caliri.

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