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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and refunds

shipments _  are at the customer's expense. In the case of products in stock, shipments  will be made within 48 hours . of the purchase.  In the case of personalized pieces, the pieces are sent between 1  and 2  weeks of purchase.

shipments _  will be carried out as a priority  through one of the following companies: Correos,  MRW. In exceptional cases, we will choose other companies.

All the pieces will be packed with great care to guarantee that they arrive correctly at their destination. In case of arriving with any breakage, we will proceed to claim the insurance in order to reimburse the client. To do this, the customer will be asked to provide within 24 hours of receiving the package:
1) Photographs  of the box (on all 6 sides).
2) Photograph of the label.
3) Photography  of the damaged product.

the photographs  shall  show clear damage to the box containing the pieces, in order to verify that the breakage is due to shipping  and not to negligence of the client in its use.

Once this is received, the refund will be issued within 72 hours. In case of not sending the photographs  indicated in the 3 previous sections within the established period, we will not be able to make a claim against the transport company's insurance and therefore we will not reimburse the amount of the purchase.

all shipments  they will have  associated with a tracking number to be able to locate  the shipment  at all times. In the event that the tracking number indicates "delivered" and the client does not acknowledge receipt of it, Gede Studio is not responsible for locating the product: it will be the responsibility of the client to claim the location of the product from the transport company.

return policy

Once the purchase has been made, it can be canceled as long as the shipment has not been made. Once the product has been deposited in the transport company, no cancellations or refunds will be accepted. 

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